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Oxy Daily Defense Wash

Oxy® Daily Defense Wash

This water-soluble cleanser is medicated with anti-acne ingredient salicylic acid, but it will be rinsed from skin before it has much chance to work. Even if salicylic acid was brilliantly effective in a cleanser, this particular cleanser contains the drying cleansing agent sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate. This cleanser contains some intriguing plant extracts with anti-inflammatory benefits (acne is an inflammatory disorder, so calming the inflammation is a good thing) but just like the salicylic acid, they'll be rinsed from skin before they have much chance to improve matters.

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If you have acne, you likely have many questions about causes and treatments.

Only a generation ago, it was thought that eating too many sweet or greasy foods caused acne; now doctors know much more about why breakouts happen and how to treat them. This section addresses common questions about acne.