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Neutrogena Body Spray

Neutrogena® Body Spray

Body acne, especially when it's on your back, can be difficult to treat because it's not easy to apply products to your back. A medicated, spray-on product like this seems ideal, but the formula has drawbacks. This is medicated with only 0.5% salicylic acid, an amount too small to be effective, especially if you have stubborn breakouts or blackheads, which is typical for breakouts on the chest, neck, or back. More important, the pH of this product is too high for the salicylic acid to work as an exfoliant. The other concern is the alcohol, which not only causes dryness, promotes free-radical damage, and impairs healing, but also stimulates oil production at the base of the pore.

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If you have acne, you likely have many questions about causes and treatments.

Only a generation ago, it was thought that eating too many sweet or greasy foods caused acne; now doctors know much more about why breakouts happen and how to treat them. This section addresses common questions about acne.